LikePay Privacy Policy

1. Basic premise

At the LikePay, Inc. (hereinafter referred to as "Company"), we are collecting information from everyone using the LikePay official website, mobile and web applications (hereinafter referred to as "LikePay") in areas necessary to the smooth operation of the services provided by LikePay. Information acquired will be handled appropriately within the scope of the purposes of use.

2. Scope of information acquisition

1. Information you give us

We receive and store any information you enter on LikePay or give us in any other way. It may include:

  1. Personal Information: name, profile pictures, username, email
  2. Contacts: address, phone number, email, social media account name, website
  3. Corporate information: company name, address, director’s name, logo
  4. Usage information: Sum of transaction, information about user’s actions within LikePay
  5. Communications: your emails, chat messages and phone calls recorded when you communicate with LikePay support service

2. Automatic Information

We automatically collect and store some of your information:

  1. Social Media Information: We collect media, amount of likes, captions, username, full name and profile picture from social media accounts, which you connect with your LikePay account

  2. Cookies: We may use cookies (information transmitted from the server to the user's browser and stored on the user's computer in order for the server to identify users) on LikePay

3. Device information

We receive and store the following information about your device:

  1. Geolocation: we collect geolocation of your device to provide some of LikePay features (such as map). You can deny provision of this information on your device

  2. Language settings: We collect your device language settings information to provide you a better experience with LikePay applications

3. Purpose of use

  1. Information described in 2.1. is used for: authentication during login, creating store profile, creating invoices, processing transactions and payments, creating reports of usage, communication with you, interface and overall service improvement, development of new features and provision of other features of LikePay.
  2. Information described in 2.2. is used by us for identification you at LikePay, providing a basis feature of turning social media likes into discount points and sharing your media with other users to help everyone find a good shop. LikePay uses Google Analytics to analyze its visits and usage. Google Analytics collects user information through cookies. Please review the Google Analytics' website (How Google uses information from sites or apps that use our services) for more information. LikePay uses Instagram and Twitter API for providing you with login feature, receiving basic information about your account, your media and information about it such as hashtags, captions and number of likes. Please review their privacy policy for more information.
  3. Information described in 2.3. is used for provision of some of LikePay’s features, such as map, and for providing you a better language environment.
  4. LikePay may use collected De-Identified information for creating statistics and analytic reports, which can be shared with third parties and made public.

Information sharing

LikePay shares your information only as described below:

  1. Legal obligations or threats: in cases of legal disclosure requests, cases of illegal access, threats and other unlawful acts or other special reasons
  2. Third-Party Service Provider: we employ other companies and individuals to perform functions on LikePay behalf. It may include analytics, support, system development, sales and marketing outsourcing, processing payments. They may not use your personal information for other purposes
  3. Stores: We provide some of your personal information to stores registered with LikePay, when you execute transactions at those stores or make social media posts with store’s hashtags. They may use this information for creating reports of LikePay usage, communicating with you, review of posts with their hashtags and for other marketing purposes
  4. Other Users: We provide your media and links to your Social Media profiles to other users within LikePay to help them and you discover new places to go and each other’s profiles.

Measures to ensure security

Company is taking the measures necessary to manage acquired information appropriately to prevent the leakage, loss or destruction of acquired information.

Conditions of Use, Notices, and Revisions

If you choose to use LikePay, your usage and any dispute over privacy is subject to this Policy and our Terms of Use, including limitations on damages, resolution of disputes, and application of the laws of Japan. If you have any concern or request about privacy at LikePay, please contact us and we will try to solve it.

Our business changes constantly, and our Privacy Policy and the Terms of Use will change also. LikePay may e-mail periodic reminders of our notices and conditions, unless you have instructed us not to, but you should check our website frequently to see recent changes. Unless stated otherwise, our current LikePay Privacy Policy applies to all information that we have about you and your account. We stand behind the promises we make, however, and will never materially change our policies and practices to make them less protective of customer information collected in the past without the consent of affected customers.

Updated on 16.01.2020